Hawaii Popka

It was our own microverse. 2 hours of detail oriented, well thought out, utterly organized chaos. It was hot and chalky and sweaty and sticky and LOUD…and perfect.

Our first OKC meet (using the OKC/IKSFA official ranking tables) was a total success. We had to do it in Hawaii. It had to be something that would make us smile forever. We had a strong group of 14 ready to lift. They flew in from the mainland and drove in from across the island. Some were competing for the first time, others have been competing for years and all over. Terri flew in all the way from Connecticut to lift, and we had our California mafia there too.


2 hours


Juliet had this thing scheduled to a T. Every flight, every judge, every minute was accounted for. I can only imagine how difficult it is to run a huge meet. I was completely impressed with how smoothly this little guy ran. Big thank you to Juliet and JT and all the judges for making it happen.


Thank you to Crossfit Oahu for letting us invade your space!


It was hot. Holy shit it was H-O-T hot. I was excited about it. I was thinking that with my body that warm my muscles would relax and maybe my lockout and rack would come together. I focused on this point from the moment I landed on Oahu. Before my sets now (in training and recently in competition) I practice calming my brain down. I am not very good at it but I will continue to practice until I’ve got it.

So there I was, just about to start my Jerk set…totally warm and loose…pretty damn focused and quiet…the bell rings and just as I go…

Like 10 super cute, ridiculously fit, 20something year old tan girls in tiny shorts and high socks come running into my little quiet boring space and start doing kipping pullups about 15 feet in front of me! It was like some weird kind of Popka* based dream! Popka, Popka, Popka, swinging and popping with chirping and growling and even laughing. Seriously though…WHATTHEFUCK!?!?

Like I said, I had just started this whole mind calming thing. I am just a man after all. I did not have a good set numbers wise but I am confident I will remember this set fondly forever!


After I dropped the bells I had to laugh and Nazo came up to me and said “That was a lot of Popka” with a smile and a laugh. Was it? I hardly noticed.


My snatch set was when the heat really hit me. I don’t think my hands had torn in about a year or so before my last training session heading into this meet. They were healed up and I felt strong and fit and ready to lift but that humidity man…my right hand tore at 62. So I switched and started thinking about all the lifting I had to do during the cert that weekend and all of the tuff I should not be thinking about during a set. My left felt pretty good until about rep 30. My heart started beating really hard. It was much faster and stronger than normal. I started to get a little dizzy and I had a moment where I actually got a little scared. I did two more reps. I had to put the bell down. It just didn’t feel right. I finished with a 100 total and went through my normal self loathing thing for a little while.


I crashed on one of the big mats on the side behind the fight board and one of the popka girls came over to chat with her friend like a butterfly landing on a nearby branch.

That was nice.


I like Hawaii. :-D


I’ll toss up the stats spreadsheet and stuff about how proud I am of everyone who lifted tomorrow. I just had to get the Popka stuff up first.




*Popka…Jason and I were in Blagoveshchensk with coach last year getting our heads spun by all of the beautiful women and Jason asked coach “Coach, how do you say (Jason used his hands in the well known semi-circular cupping motion for butt) in Russian?” coach looked a little surprised, threw his head back in a laugh, repeated Jason’s gesture and said “Popka”.


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